How I passed the AWS Security Specialty Exam

The AWS Certified Security Specialty is a highly sought after certification as robust security is an imperative of every organization. Many companies won’t even allow you to touch their AWS infrastructure without having completed this certification. However, the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is a difficult exam that requires a solid foundation of knowledge of AWS services. Lambda execution role – allows you to specify how your lambda function can access different AWS services within the boundaries that you define.

aws certified security specialist

Take it from me, it really is worth every penny and every second you invest to earn it. You could read all available guides from top to bottom, and that couldn’t be enough for you to pass the exam. You need to practice your skills in a real environment, and see the services features with your own eyes. So, create an AWS account and use the free tier to explore the services, or use the labs provided by qwiklabs that allow you to learn and practice AWS skills. This blog post compiles 10 tips about the specific topics that candidates should master in order to take the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification exam.

Exam Prep Standard Course: AWS Certified Security – Specialty

The important thing is to get organized and start studying – you will create new cards and move old ones as you study along. Earning AWS Certified Security – Specialty demonstrates expertise in securing data and workloads in the AWS Cloud. Find out about upcoming exam updates, beta exams, and new certifications as they become available.

aws certified security specialist

It’s a shame as the book could have massively been improved with some editing. With practice exams, a Certificate of Achievement is issued when you score 75% and above in your online exam simulator. All of our video lessons, practice exams and training notes are regularly updated to reflect the latest AWS changes. After the theory lessons, you’ll get to put your knowledge into practical use with hands-on lessons that teach you how to use AWS and complete exercises that reflect real-world situations.

Understanding AWS Certified Security Specialty

I prepared for the exam using a mix of study materials which included videos, books, AWS documentation and white papers, and hands-on labs. I personally find useful to mix the course material as it reinforces my learning. Furthermore, a single resource may cover a topic insufficiently or present it on a limited angle so it’s always good to mix and match. In other words, participating in study groups will enable you to stay in touch with experts and professionals who are already on this path. To clear the concepts and develop a strong understanding, you can also refer to instructor-led training and online classes.

aws certified security specialist

AWS KMS is a fully managed service that makes it easy to create and control the encryption keys used to encrypt your data. Provides real-time monitoring of your AWS resources aws certified security specialist and applications you run on AWS. In this section, I’ve bundled up my notes which you can use when you’re preparing for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam.

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On the day of your exam make sure you had a good night sleep, a good breakfast, and you are ready to keep your attention focused for 3 hours. Some exam questions could be quite long to read but make sure you read the question and all the answers carefully. But if you use this option, I’d recommend to choose a temporary answer as you may not have enough time (or brain) to revisit it later. There are several AWS security services available, each one focused on a specific use case, which gives you choice when raising your security posture. Even though you are not required to be an expert in every single one of them, you should know them all, their main features, their use cases, and their costumer benefits. AWS IAM is the first service that you should configure in any AWS account, and it’s widely used to give access control to AWS resources.

  • After the theory lessons, you’ll get to put your knowledge into practical use with hands-on lessons that teach you how to use AWS and complete exercises that reflect real-world situations.
  • In my case, professional growth was the main driver as I wanted to deepen my AWS knowledge in the security space.
  • Unlimited cyber range access is included in every Infosec Skills subscription so your team can skill up however they learn best.
  • In select learning programs, you can apply for financial aid or a scholarship if you can’t afford the enrollment fee.
  • In this guide, we’ll follow the domains and topics that are provided in the content outline of the official AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C01) Exam Guide.